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Our Oregon Trip!

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In July we went to Oregon. We did a lot of other things too, but we also drove our tushies through Oregon and in return Oregon promised Clint and I a romantic vacation in the future. Our main mission in Oregon was to attend the wedding of my long-time friend Ryan. The second mission was to see a ton of Oregon in 3 days. We pit-stopped in Bend for a day, which is lovely BTW, stayed a couple days in Silverton, and waved a longing goodbye to Portland on our way home. All of the evergreen forests and water-front views in Portland made me so very homesick for Seattle. I love the sun and snow of Utah, but some days I miss the cold beaches and ferns of the Pacific Northwest. Must be the Twilight Vampire in me. ;)




^^ People in Oregon like dinner on the water. That’s a good thing. In Utah there are limited opportunities to eat dinner over a river or lake, but I’m guessing that has more to do with geography than preference. In both Bend and Silverton we were lucky enough to enjoy yummy food on a waterfront. We were also lucky enough to witness our son throw 2 spoons into the water and spill water all over our table. Two may be everything they warned us it would be.


^^ I like to call this image: “Go stand over that manhole and I’ll take a picture of you in wedding attire”. It’s artsy in an unintentional way, right? And the interesting angle is compliments of my 6’6″ hubs.



^^ Clearly his enthusiasm for bubbles cannot be overstated. Our Sir William is such a passionate person. He prefers to be fiercely excited or an angry demon child. His third speed in unconscious. With Clint and I as parents, it all kind of makes sense. My guess is that a mellow kid is not really in the cards for us.


^^^ And then how lucky am I to be married to this stud and his red beard. I think I am the luckiest.


^^ more artsy…cropping, disheveled blouse, and that look from you-know-who…I kind of love it all.


^^ The wedding was absolutely and completely lovely. They held the ceremony and reception at Oregon Garden Resort for the win. A billion point five acres of gardens + Oregon coastal weather was exactly how every wedding should be. I may have teared up a couple times, maybe.





^^ To appease the mountain man in Clint, we finished our trip off with a 5-ish-mile-hike through Silver Falls State Park. Holy crap it was beautiful and luscious. Waterfall after waterfall. If I had the chance to hike it again, I would bring my real camera (because my phone camera is fake?) and spend some time taking more pics of these babes.


^^ On the road. Oh Liam.

So…If we go back to Oregon, where should we go??? What are some of your favorite spots?

xo Alix

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National Ice Cream Month favorites

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Sprinkle dipped ice cream cones

Sprinkles always make things better, right!?

By now it’s not a secret that I possess a deep affinity for ice cream. I decry that National Ice Cream month has taken the nation by storm! Well at least it has taken over my Instagram and Pinterest account on several occasions and I’m not complaining. In fact, I have been playing along with this playful holiday month and am kind of sad to see it all come to an end. To avert crisis mode I suppose I will just have to continue to eat ice cream in August. There, problem solved.

And here are a few links to some yummy blog posts and some of my favorite ice cream pins, just in case you haven’t seen enough Popsicles and cones!…

Doing the world a favor with these Popsicle drinking straws

Raspberry and ice cream waffle sandwiches

Bite-sized banana splits hooray!

How clever are these Popsicle cakes???

Well of course cookies make the perfect ice cream cup.

All elbows should be covered in ice cream. Fact.

Make your own waffle cones from scratch!

Sprinkles and a Popsicle stick transform an ice cream sandwich…wow, guys, wow.

Another take on mini banana splits, yes!


Around The Neighborhood lately:

What in the freak is Demand Response?

Apps you don’t need.

Too much crap laying around your house…me too!

Firework woes, and such.


xo Alix

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Pom Pom table runner DIY

July 25, 2014 in Craft, DIY, Eat, For The Love Of, Home, house, party by Alix

Pom Pom Table Runner DIY

I can see the weekend around the corner…can’t you? What is is about weekends that makes everyone take a sigh of relief. I work from home, so a Saturday has the potential to look a lot like a Wednesday, or even a Monday (gasp) but for some reason on Saturday I am choosing to “catch up on work” as apposed to “trying to stay on task”. Also, weekends are my favorite because Clint is around! I keep trying to talk him into working from home permanently, because I adore him and because I adore the idea of more co-parenting with this stubborn 2-year-old of ours. I do have a feeling that if Clint worked from home it would lead to a lot more hunting television shows in the background and I may drop dead if I have to hear one more hunter’s prayer thanking Jesus for their ‘mazing elk kill. Hunting is an issue where I can sympathize with both sides but don’t get too heated about the whole thing…I choose to get my panties in a twist over other things, like sexism…teen pregnancies…and the Kardashians (important things you see). So no anti-hunting campaigns here, but if you want to watch some sketchy camera work and listen to a slew of grammatical errors I highly recommend hunting channels.

And I digress. Back to weekends. Weekends are a really lovely time to gather. To eat (ecologically-sound deer meat ;) ) around a table . To make lemon cake without guilt. A great time for appreciating details. That’s why I made a perfectly pretty pom pom table runner, fit for a lovely weekend. You can make one too with full instructions at For The Love Of!

Well that post really got away from me. Now for a dismount: happy almost weekend!

xo Alix

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Home Depot Outdoor Challenge: Kid Sprinkler Toy!

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Kid wash water toy DIY

This summer I was asked to party along with the Home Depot Outdoor Challenge, which by the way, is just as fun as it sounds. I’m a huge (obsessed) fan of Home Depot. It’s true. When Clint asks me what I want to do as a family, it usually involves a preliminary trip to the big HD and then a couple hours of painting/planting/woodworking to follow. Having a 6’6″ assistant has it’s advantages when roller painting a ceiling, you know. So when Home Depot’s Blog, The Apron asked me to build an outdoor game it felt a lot like coming home. Like my natural shopping habits were merging with my blog job. So I enlisted the help of my bearded sidekick to construct an fun and sturdy (very sturdy) kid sprinkler toy perfect to combat the summer heat! Find out how to make your own sprinkler kid wash!

Kid wash water toy DIY

xo Alix

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Mini Jumbo Balloon Cupcake Toppers!

July 21, 2014 in birthday, Craft, DIY, Eat, food, party by Alix

Minij umbo balloon cupcake toppers
Last week I shared with you a sweet birthday party I designed for my friend Corrine’s (Mint Arrow) daughter Anabelle! It was featured on Sweet Little Peanut and I couldn’t be more excited about it :) . As part of the party I wanted to create some cupcake toppers that were really special, after all I do adore Corrine and Anabelle. One of my favorite party decorations is the Jumbo Balloon! You may have seen that jumbo balloon in action HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE. What a better way to honor the awesomeness of the jumbo balloon than with a mini jumbo balloon cupcake topper!? And no jumbo balloon is complete without a fringe tassel, obviously.

Stuff you need:

Minij umbo balloon cupcake toppers

- Water balloons in the colors of your choice. Water balloons are the perfect size for mini balloons and the perfect round shape, just like a jumbo balloon

- Tissue paper

- Paper straws

- Baker’s twine or string

- Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks

Minij umbo balloon cupcake toppers

Step 1: To being, I cut a sheet of tissue paper into several 4″ X 3″ pieces. Then, to create a tassel out of the tissue paper piece cut little strips all along the 4″ side making sure to not cut all the way through the tissue paper piece.

Minij umbo balloon cupcake toppers

Step 2: Next, fold cut piece in half once, twice, and even three times transforming it into a miniature tassel. Repeat steps 1 and 2 with other colors of tissue paper to create a bunch of mini tassels.

Minij umbo balloon cupcake toppers  Minij umbo balloon cupcake toppers

Minij umbo balloon cupcake toppers

Step 3: Now, in order to create fringe for the bottom of each balloon, use the hot glue gun and glue several tassels together at their folded top.

Minij umbo balloon cupcake toppers

Step 4: Paper straws are the perfect little base for your mini balloon cupcake toppers, but they may be a little too long. I cut mine in half for the perfect height.

Mini jumbo balloon cupcake toppers

Step 5: Time to blow up the balloons! After all your water balloons are full of air and ready to go, tie a piece of baker’s twine around the base of the balloon. Then tie the balloon to the top of a straw.

Mini jumbo balloon cupcake toppers

Step 6: Break out the hot glue gun again and glue the tassel fringe to the top of the straw as well.

Finished! Stick those mini jumbo balloon cupcake toppers in your party cupcakes for a festive and friggen charming party treats!

Mini jumbo balloon cupcake toppers

Mini jumbo balloon cupcake toppers

xo Alix

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Anabelle’s Sweet Little Birthday

July 17, 2014 in birthday, Craft, DIY, featured, friends, garland, party by Alix

teal pink and red little girl's party

Today I’m excited to share with you a little party that I put together for my friend Corrine’s daughter Anabelle. Corrine is my adorable friend that I met through blogging. She blogs at Mint Arrow and is really just as beautiful on the inside and she is in all her photographs. We wanted the birthday to be all things girl, so of course there was glitter and tassels and ribbons and feathers. I made garlands drenched in ribbon and tinsel. My favorite part was the little pink and teal party poppers that had golden does on them. Corrine made the food, and I have to say that I would eat anything that girl makes, even off the floor. For real. She has cooked for me several times and I’m telling you that girl has a gift! Here is a sneak peak of Anabelle’s birthday, but the full party is being featured on Sweet Little Peanut today! Go check it out!

Doe Party Poppers

Caramel apple cider

Birthday party tassels

Event Design: Alix Adams
Photography: Tiffany Sanchez
Invitation Design: Two Brunettes
Printed Invitations: Persnickety Prints
Cupcakes and Cake: Rue de Lis Desserts

xo Alix

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Mini Banana Splits!

July 15, 2014 in Craft, DIY, Eat, food, party by Alix

Mini banana splits

We are still celebrating National Ice  Cream Month around here because when I choose to believe in something I really commit ;) . One of my favorite ice cream treats is a banana split. It’s totally a healthy dessert because it involves cherries and bananas. So it’s basically a fruit salad for dessert…basically. I’m also a huge fan of mini desserts and anything bite size because it’s dessert without the guilt. Just the perfect little taste of banana-y split. And these mini banana split bites are ideal for parties!

What you need:

Mini banana splits

Mini banana splits

- Melting chocolate…I always go for a good brand of chocolate.

- Bananas!

- Ice cream in a flavor of your choosing

- Fresh cherries…yum.

- Wax paper

Prep work: before you start to assemble mini splits, you will want to melt your chocolate. Break the chocolate bar apart into a microwave-safe bowl. Melt it in the microwave for about 90 seconds, taking it out every 30 seconds to stir. Make sure you don’t over melt the chocolate! Next peal your banana and cut it into slices about 1/4″ thick.

Mini banana splits

Mini banana splits

Mini banana splits

Step 1: To start, dip each banana slice half way in the melted chocolate. I replaced the typical chocolate syrup you see on banana splits with the dipped chocolate to make the mini dessert a little more special. After dipping the slices, place them on a sheet of wax paper to allow the chocolate to harden.

Mini banana splits

Mini banana splits

Mini banana splits

Step 2: After the chocolate-dipped banana slices harden, place them on your serving dishes and add a mini scoop of ice cream. All that is left is to add a cherry on top and enjoy!

Mini banana splits

Mini banana splits

Mini banana splits

xo Alix

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Fruit Drink Stirrers

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This morning I am writing this post with a dream hangover. Do you ever have that? Where you experience a vivid and emotional dream and then wake up feeling like those dream emotions still have a hold on your brain? Last night I dreamt that some kind of alien invaded earth (but we never saw them) and then everything after that got very weird. Everyone was forced to wear matching forest green T-shirts (aliens with no style, apparently), all cell phones were taken away, and everybody moved around like drones. The more I think about it this just sounds like the world was taken over by private school. I of course kept it very cool the whole time and investigated what was happening and then Tom Cruise and I saved planet Earth. Just kidding, I totally freaked out, was arrested a bunch, and kept yelling randomly at drone passerbys. If this is indicative of my auto-response in apocalyptic situations lets just all pray that Clint has it together.

So when I sat down to write this post I found myself thinking, fruit drink stirrers are so inconsequential when the world is being taken over by invisible aliens. And then I remembered that there is, indeed, nothing of more consequence to the success of your summer entertaining than fruit drink stirrers. If your backyard party is an alien invasion, then the fruit drink stirrers are Tom Cruise. And that, my friends, was the strangest analogy ever written.

I just want to take a moment and apologize for how ridiculous this post is, but you should know that I believe deeply that these fruit drink stirrers are fabulous and a necessity for summer entertaining. I love that guests can sip drinks and eat refreshing fruit kabobs without holding a drink and a plate in their hands. Fruit drink stirrers are the perfect appetizer while mingling. The best part is you can whip out an appetizer for 20 people in less than 10 minutes!

You want to make some now, don’t you!?

Here is what you need:


- Kabob sticks, one per drink (or two if you are crazy like that)

- A small cookie scoop

- Melons of your choice! A variety of colors helps keep things interesting

Fruit drink stirrers

Fruit drink stirrers

Fruit drink stirrers

Step 1: Using your cookie scoop, dig into the cut melon in a circular motion, creating a round little piece of melon. Repeat this a billion times (or until you have enough melon ball pieces for all the kabobs).


Step 2: Next, stick around 5 melon balls on the end of your kabob stick in a fun and colorful pattern! Add the kabobs to you drinks that tada, appetizers for all!



FruitDrinkStirrers9  FruitDrinkStirrers6

Happy summer entertaining!

xo Alix

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Our 4th of July 2014

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Happy Independence Day America! This 4th of July was a little bit hard to know when to whip out the camera and take pictures. It was an incredibly relaxing day…we slept in, watched Frozen (at the strict demand of Liam), and did neighborhood fireworks of epically mediocre proportions. A lovely day. I rested a lot because, as it turns out, I may have overdone it that week and was feeling dehydrated and exhausted. Like marathon exhausted. Building a human is a lot of work. More on the pregnancy front to come. My favorite part of July 4th was spending the entire day with my Clint and Liam. I just thoroughly enjoy their company. The other day some of my friends and I were talking about YouTube videos of North Korea (I know that took a weird turn, but stick with me here) and there is one video in particular where a tour bus took a wrong turn off the perfectly manicured tour bus route and straight into a poverty-stricken neighborhood. Poverty that was unfathomable. Most days my steepest challenge is accomplishing laundry, quality time with my boys, and finding time to work all in a day. What a fortunate set of problems I have. My heart is full of gratitude for this country I was born into. I know I am privileged to live here and that I live in privileged circumstances. I get to see my family when I want and have the freedom to spend my time how I want. My heart is full of gratitude for the women and men who make that kind of freedom possible. I only hope I can make something of my life worthy of such blessings.

4th of July

^^ Here is the face of a completely complacent toddler who couldn’t care less whether his mother was trying to get a good picture or not. Fun fact about Liam, his favorite movie is Nacho Libre and the only time he will pose for the camera with enthusiasm is when he is A) wearing his wrestling mask or B) posing like a wrestler from the movie. Quick pics with mom don’t really make the cut. Even apathy looks so adorable on those chubby dimpled cheeks.

4th of July

4th of July

^^ We watered aunt Michelle’s flowers for an hour or so on the 4th, which is basically the same thing as drowning flowers and creating a huge mud puddle. Those are two things where our little man excels. My porch flowers flinch when he comes at them with the hose.


^^ A Pregnancy Update:

- Oh boy am I ever getting pregnant. When pregnant I tend to grow in my belly (for obvious reasons) and on the back side as well. Why my derriere expands to great proportions is beyond my comprehension. Maybe it’s for the extra support (or quite possibly it’s because I have been eating too much cake) but my back feels like it is in a constant tug-of-war between my baby-filled-abdomen and my huge butt. Women who look cute pregnant are like Katy Perry’s hair…I’m just not quite sure how she does it.

- My face is getting rounder…which is a nice way of saying my face is starting to look fat. There are only two periods in my life where I have boasted a double chin. The first is from age 11 to 14, what I affectionately call my “awkward phase”; and the second is pregnancy.

- Baby girl kicks all day! By far the absolute best part of pregnancy. Best part. I love feeling her little appendages rearranging themselves to get comfortable, or perhaps to get some exercise in. Every now and then a leg or an arm finds my bladder and I pee my pants a little. TMI but I don’t even care. When I feel her move I am reminded of the absolute miracle it is to be pregnant. What a lucky chubby tired pregnant lady I am!

When I was pregnant with Liam I wrote this post, like, forever ago: Man. Teenager. Snooki. You might find it just as thrilling :)


4th of July

xo Alix

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Friday Finds and Happy 4th!

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Sprinkle dipped ice cream cone

Image by Sam of Pierson Photo Company! Also, did you see my Sprinkle Dipped Ice Cream Cone post? You ought to ;)

Happy 4th of July and Friday friends! I hope you are eating all kinds of sprinkle-dipped ice cream, lighting sparklers, and wishing America a happy Independence Day. I am one of those people who tends to focus on human similarities across nation boards and cultures. I think we have more in common than not, and that’s a pretty wonderful thing to celebrate. I am, however, very grateful to live in America. My life is blessed daily because of where I live and the freedoms I enjoy. So don’t mind me while I festively eat watermelons, listen to country music, and watch my country celebrate pyrotechs for a full 24-hours. God bless America, really though.

Some really great things I found this week:

I have craved lemons this whole pregnancy so I will be making these darling cupcakes!

Mini flamingo cake toppers and pink pineapples. Need I say more?

Wise words about gardening and life.

This photo shoot is beyond lovely. Geometric and floral is my sweet spot.

The perfect last minute 4th of July detail!

To see more of the stuff that really gets me excited (like pies and farm houses and cake) check me out on Pinterest!

xo Alix