DIY target and arrow coasters!

DIY target coasters

Sometimes I think to myself, My job is kind of silly. But then I catch myself because my job is to make the world a more beautiful and enjoyable place. My job is to make the details of life fabulous. And I am all about the details when it comes to crafts and especially parties. The details are, in my opinion, what makes an event extra special…or even a dinner with family more special.

For the details I am always looking to my own life for inspiration and usually I don’t have to look any further than my husband Clint. Clint has an unquenchable thirst for adventure (I am totally aware that that last sentence was cliché and cheesy but I don’t care). For real though, he is always plotting his next adventure, which is almost (like always) outside. Hence my gold-glitter covered antlers on my blog header.

Lately, well over the last two hunting seasons, he has been obsessed with archery…so when I was staring down these coasters that had been sitting on my craft shelf for 8 months (giving me the stink-eye) I relented and decided to finally come up with a craft for them. Enter: target and arrow inspiration! With a little paint and an abnormally long nap from Liam (thanks Liam!) I was able to craft up some target coasters and mini-arrow accessories…because every coaster needs an accessory!

MaterialsBannerDIY target coasters

– Plain cork-material coasters…you can pick up a 6-pack of these at your local craft store

– A pen (to trace with) and two round objects to trace. The first round object should be slightly smaller in diameter than the coaster and the second object slightly smaller in diameter than the first object.

– Craft paint and a paint brush.



DIY target coasters DIY target coasters DIY target coasters

First, center your larger tracing object on the coaster. Then trace all the way around the object. Next, center your small object on the coaster and trace around it as well.


DIY target coasters

You will notice that you have three circles on your coaster that make a mini target! To distinguish the target stripes, I painted each of them a different color (pink, gray, or teal) I even left a stripe cork color on two of the coasters because I like the look and texture of the cork. Once painted, your mini target coasters are complete!

DIY target coasters

I also wanted to incorporate an arrow somehow into this project because 1. What’s a target without an arrow? 2. Arrows are cute. So this post is a 2-for-1 DIY post! Here is how you can make some mini arrows to go with your target coasters…

MaterialsBannerDIY mini arrows

– Toothpicks or wood skewers as the body of the arrow.

– Craft paint and a paint brush.

– Paper cut into mini rectangles and triangles (you will need 4 rectangles per arrow and 1 triangle per arrow)


DIY mini arrows

Start by painting the “body” of your arrows (a.k.a. your toothpicks) in whatever design you choose. I painted some with stripes and some completely solid.


DIY mini arrows

Next, glue your paper to your arrow (I used hot glue) with the triangle piece glued to the front of the arrow on the tip. On the back end of the arrow glue the 4 rectangle pieces on the back side of the toothpick angling them away from the triangle piece.

DIY mini arrows

See…these are totally worth the double craft! Now let’s enjoy some muffins and milk with our target coasters and mini-arrow glasses shall we?

DIY target coasters DIY target coasters DIY target coasters DIY target coasters DIY target coasters DIY target coasters

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    1. Lyndsay!
      I am a bit obsessed with all things teal (and pink) as you may have noticed! I try and branch out but I always somehow end up incorporating teal 🙂
      And I just have a thing for arrows! Thanks for stopping by!