One Sweet Slice Holiday Desserts!

November 22, 2013 in blogging, featured, food, photography, Uncategorized by Alix

This amazing and glorious and fabulous video is by the talented Third Floor Design Studio. Let us shower them in confetti and bubbles and unicorns.

The other evening I had taste-testing party at my favorite Utah bakery: One Sweet Slice – a bakery that has won Cupcake Wars! I’m not sure you were aware of the fact that their is such a thing as a taste tester, but there it. And it’s a responsibility I don’t take lightly. One must dutifully consume One Sweet Slice holiday desserts, pies, cupcakes, and macaroons without regard to the sugar coma that will follow.

And while I do spend a humiliating amount of time eating pastries in my kitchen alone, I decided that eating those One Sweet Slice desserts by myself would just be a shame. A cupcake that good is too good to not share! So I rounded up some of my favorite blogger babes and we all ate our body weight in desserts with pleasure.

One Sweet Slice tasting

As if licking chocolate creme pie off my plate wasn’t enough…Janell, the owner and cupcake guru, sent me home with a box of the most beautiful cupcakes I ever did see!

beautiful cupcakes at One Sweet Slice

PS I had the hottest date.

One Sweet Slice tasting A Ruffled Life


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