Family Photos + a discount! Also…What I am thankful for!

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Family Christmas Card Photos | Kelli Eudis Photography

Are you so super uber excited for our amazing family Christmas Card Photo Shoot Reveal?! I bet you are ;) . Every year I have this strict commitment to get professional photos taken for family Christmas cards. It’s part of the religion of Alix. I perhaps take the sending of Christmas cards a little too seriously, but it should be know that receiving Christmas cards is one of the very best things about the holiday seasons (wink. wink. nudge. nudge.) Christmas cards are my love language…pretty sure.

For this years photo sesh I asked my darling friend Kelli to take our pictures and she is A-MAZE-ING. No seriously. The best. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone (which is what I am doing right now). She was awesome to work with and really has a great design eye when it comes to taking pics. And I just adore her too. She is offering a 10% discount on all Family sessions! Just mention Alix or A Ruffled Life and you are on your way to fabulous pictures! Which is just what you need for you family holiday cards.

Check out her site HERE…or email here at to get more info!

and now…

Alix’s 5 Things She is Grateful For This Thanksgiving {and more family pictures}

1. More than anything this year, I am grateful that I grow closer and more in love with my husband every day that we fumble through parenting together. Liam has really been just a ray of joy in our lives. Seeing Clint as a father is the best version of Clint – but the other versions of him are pretty great too ;)

Family Christmas Card Photos | Kelli Eudis Photography

2. I also feel so blessed to be living a happy life in a safe home. Several times a day the suffering of people all over our planet flickers through my mind and I have to pause and offer a prayer of gratitude for the happiness at my fingertips. I’m blessed. I’m privileged. I’m really lucky.

Family Christmas Card Photos | Kelli Eudis Photography

3. It’s no secret that we are completely and totally smitten with Liam. His terrible sleep habits, bossy pants nature, and sense of humor fit right in with this crazy lot. Oh he’s just the best really.

Family Christmas Card Photos | Kelli Eudis Photography

4. I cannot really convey how much blogging and my business have meant to me. When I graduated with a Bachelors in Psychology I immediately applied for 21 jobs and started applying to graduate school. I was turned down by all 21 jobs and received scholarships for all 3 graduate programs I applied to. And then with some guidance and a boat-load of faith I wrote my first blog post and never looked back. It’s kind of a great love story.

Family Christmas Card Photos | Kelli Eudis Photography

5. And I am thankful for this healthy body of mine. I should work out more. I should eat less mint-chocolate-chip ice cream. Yada yada yada. But when it comes down to it, my body made a human, brought that human into this world, and then breastfed that human for a solid 20 months. You go body. Good for you body. (and I will be writing a post about breastfeeding Liam because something so wonderful needs to be documented).

Family Christmas Card Photos | Kelli Eudis Photography

Happy Thanksgiving from the Adams!


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