How to make the best (tacky) business cards

Mounted gold moose on business cards

Alt Summit is kind of like that wild drunken Mexico vacation you had with your sorority in college…minus the drunken Mexico part…and your sorority is a ton of other fabulously and utterly talented bloggers. So basically the same thing. One thing that tends to get a little crazy when all that talent is smashed into one hotel is the business cards. Now next week I will dedicate an entire post to all of my favorite business cards I collected this year at Alt, but in case you are just antsy to see some examples of the over-the-top-ness I am describing, you can check out my favorite business cards from last year.

This post, however, is much more educational. It’s important really that a person (who takes themselves seriously in business) knows how to make a business card worth passing out. It must have some essential qualities that even make it worth a look. Lucky you, I happen to be a self-proclaimed (tacky) business card expert…so you may want to grab a pen and take notes.

The first rule of business card design is think custom printing. I like to support small businesses and I like fancy designs so I combined the two and had my gal Erika design and print my cards. Custom printing = an overall good feeling about life.

Letterpress business cards

Letterpress business cards

Rule two…think outside the box (or the quadrilateral in this case). Haven’t you heard…rectangle and square cards are so last year. Circle cards say, “Hey I’m unconventional!” or “Hey check me out!” or my favorite, “Hey I just bought a circle punch and wanted to use it for something!”

Circle business cards

Mountain goat on business cards

For rule three throw some glitter on that thang. No seriously…think 3D and glitter. The tackier the better. I can promise you that if your goal is to be remembered, then make a card that is memorable. That may be a purple glittered mini pineapple key chain card…or a popup dancing baby card…or even a glittered antlered miniature deer card, but start thinking tacky and start thinking it fast.

Glitter on business cards

Glitter on deer antlers     Glitter on deer antlers

Deer and glitter business cards

I hope you are feeling thoroughly on top of the business card thing with my easy 1-2-3 rules. Just know I am here to help you through it 😉

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9 comments on “How to make the best (tacky) business cards

  1. Alix, your business cards were among my favorite. You found the perfect mix of chic + tacky. 😉 It was great to meet you at the Home Goods dinner and I am loving the humor in your posts. I wish I had that gift in my writing. Most of my posts are “Hey look what I made. Here’s how you can do it too.” blah! Anyway, so excited to follow along with you this year – hope lots of good things are in store for you in 2014!

    1. Haeley!
      Yes it was so lovely meeting you and chatting with you at the Home Goods dinner! And thank you for the kind things you said about my writing…sometimes I actually don’t get as many posts out as I would like because I am spend too much time writing each one.

    1. Thanks Chelsea! Honestly, no. I usually just do a google search for the type of mini animal that I need and then shop prices on tons of websites. If all else fails I buy them at a slightly more expensive price at Hobby Lobby.