Sir William turns 2!

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A Ruffled Life

Sometimes I like to call Liam “Sir William” when he is being particularly regal. Like when he helps me fold laundry like a gentleman should. Or when he goes ahead and turns 2-years-old! On March 9th Liam was Sir William all day long because he was 2 and 2 is a big deal. Last year when Sir William turned 1 I went a little crazy on his party (Part 1. Part 2). This year I put on the brakes an decided to just have a fun day for Liam. In other words, I made Liam’s birthday about Liam and not about a blog post :) .

When Sir William turns 2 it is a good day to spoil him senseless. We trekked through the isles of Toys R Us and let him pick out whatever he wanted. I kid you not this is the exact list of what our little Sir wanted for his second birthday:

1. A basketball hoop and basketball (which he plays with ever day and calls “bath-et-ball-hoooop”)

2. A soccer ball (“sodder-ball”)

3. A baseball and bat (“Base Baaaal”)

4. A motorized miniature 4-wheeler (“foor-de-wheerler”)

You guys. He plays with them Every. Day. I was so worried that he would get board with all the sports paraphernalia so I snuck a few educational toys in the shopping cart just in case-because I know how to have fun. He hardly touches my color matching learning game but I’m persistent. Grandma and grandpa Lewis bought Sir William the 4-wheeler because they believe in this dream called America.

When you turn 2 it is also a good day for your grandma Trish to cut your hair. Judging by the pictures (and the fact that he kept saying “don’t!” I am thinking that hair cuts are not really his favorite thing).

And then there was cake! Glorious cake. He blew out those candles all by himself like he has been having birthdays for 20 years instead of 2.

We always knew that Liam had a spicy personality. Minutes after he was born he was being weighed by the nurses and reached across his body to the side of the scale and nearly pulled himself off like “I’m done here folks”. Almost everyone he meets mentions his funny facial expressions and how easily he warms up to people. Some of my favorite Liam-isms are…

the disgustingly adorable way he puts up both his boxing fists and yells “ninja!”.

how he says his name “leem”.

when he eats apples like an orange slice and gives the apple peal to Jada.

how he asks for “Nacho” (the movie Nacho Libre) literally 10 times a day.

his completely serious face when rides his 4-wheeler and scooter.

when he throws a tantrum he immediately planks on the floor with his nose flat on the ground.

morning kisses and hugs…so many kisses and hugs. Liam never passes up a free cuddle and kiss.

The last two years of being Liam’s mom have been an absolute privilege. It is literally the most rewarding and important thing I have ever accomplished. I love him more than oxygen.

A Ruffled Life

A Ruffled Life

A Ruffled Life

A Ruffled Life

A Ruffled Life

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