Egg Carton Crafts (Bring on the Bling!)

Decorative Egg Cartons | A RUFFLED LIFE

I know, I know…I’ve been absent for far too long and I’m sorry :). I really appreciate you coming around and the temporary separation is over with, I pinky promise. But seriously, I have some really great blog posts lined up for the next month and I am kinda giddy about the two Easter crafts I have going this week.

The first one I put together is for HGTV Design Happens and it is these egg-cellent egg carton craft (I also apologize for that pun). I was super inspired by these pinwheel egg cartons with paper from my girl Liz and realized that around Easter we down eggs like we have been protein deficient for a full year. So I thought to myself: hmmm…that’s a lot of egg cartons to throw away. Maybe this year you can skip out on the (ah-hem WalMart) technicolored baskets and opt for a DIY painted egg carton instead. Throw some bling on that thing and I pretty sure everyone will be die-ing (get it? like dieing eggs) over how clever and earth-friendly you are this Easter season. Now “hop” on over to Design Happens for helpful tips on how to whip together your own Egg Carton craft treat!

Decorative Egg Cartons | A RUFFLED LIFE

My second Easter craft is a little project I put together for For The Love Of and it involves cake and come back tomorrow and check it out!

xo Alix

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6 comments on “Egg Carton Crafts (Bring on the Bling!)

  1. I LOVED those pinwheel egg cartons the first time I saw them–everything Amanda Rydell touches is GOLD!!

    Such a great idea to use them in place of Easter baskets–you could make new ones every year, let the kids help, save space, save money. Awesome!

  2. So clever. And they’re pretty! I’m thinking this could be a fun activity for the older kids. The ones who know bunnies don’t lay eggs 😉
    And for sure beats the heck out of all that plastic grass foating around and hiding under stuff until the 4th of July 🙂