Baby Jives Giveaway and Massive Huge Amazing Announcement

Baby Jives Mobile and Print Giveaway


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Okay I will start with the announcement first and then get to the giveaway goodness second because this announcement is just too good to put off….I am (drum-roll) super-de-duper pregnant! It’s true…there is (at least) one little baby nugget growing in my belly! This baby is due to make their entrance (literally) into the world on October 31st! Very spooky of us, I know. I am “pushing” for a delivery on October 29th (my birthday) but we will take whatever we get.

We are really just thrilled about baby number 2. I have been feeling so sick the last 2 months (hence my not-so-random blogging absence) with that glorious pregnancy nausea and exhaustion. I forgot about the exhaustion. I also forgot about the temporary memory loss. What is is about pregnancy that makes you forget all the important things like your phone number, gorocery list, and underwear? Last week I had to find a piece of mail to remember my address. Although I am good friends with our next-door-neighbor, who I have known for two years, I could not remember her name for a whole 30 minutes. Pregnancy is like having the energy level and memory of a 97-year-old, but I don’t get senior citizen discounts. And I feel like I need to puke. Party on pregnancy!

The good news is…it’s all kind of settling down. Aside from my memory problems, I am starting to come out of the tired nauseous fog that defined my first trimester. In other good news, I already look chubby! Not, pregnant…just pudgy. I have a Mexico vacation the end of May and my only goal is to look way more pregnant by then.

Anyways…we feel blessed and are just curious if it is even possible to make a baby cuter than Liam 🙂 And now…for the GIVEAWAY>>>

Baby Jives Mobile and Print Giveaway

I am over-the-moon excited to be giving away a Baby Jives wall hung mobile and two prints!!! This giveaway has been a long time coming because I have been geeking out over Jahje’s talent for months and months. She is legit and I really just want one of her rain cloud mobiles to follow me everywhere I go…it’s quite possibly the happiest rain storm ever. Also, can I just say how lovely her art prints are? They are such great quality and have a lovely water-color look to them. I know you are dying to get your hands on one so here is how you enter to win:

1. Follow A Ruffled Life on Facebook

2. Follow Baby Jives on Instagram

3. Visit Baby Jives and leave a comment with your favorite Baby Jives product!


*****First place winner is Sandra H. ! You win a custom initialed wall hung gold star mobile and an art print.*****

*****Second place winner is Casey Gallagher Newman selected from my Facebook giveaway and will receive an art print.*****


Once winners are selected they have 24 hours to respond before a new winner is selected.

(Giveaway is open to everyone. Must be 18 years or older to enter.)

Baby Jives Mobile and Print Giveaway

Baby Jives Mobile and Print Giveaway

Baby Jives Mobile Giveaway

xo Alix

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62 comments on “Baby Jives Giveaway and Massive Huge Amazing Announcement

  1. Congrats!! I am also due in October and can definitely relate to your morning sickness issues! Thank goodness for the second trimester! Love this giveaway and absolutely love Baby Jives sailboat mobile! We are doing a nautical themed room and I think this would be perfect! Best of luck!

  2. I adore the cloud+stars mobiles! A lot of the baby/nursery items I have realte to clouds and stars so one of the mobiles would look perfect in my nursery!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!! So exciting 😀 I’m sure little nugget will be just as cute as Liam! As for my favorite BabyJives product, how do you choose?! I’d have to say the Moon & Star Cloud Mobile in gold. Too funny for you have this giveaway as I just put one of these mobile’s on my registry this week 🙂

  4. Congratulations!!! How very exciting! I am a Halloween baby, born on Oct.31 oh so many years ago. I actually thought for many years that everyone just celebrated my birthday. I loved it! This baby will be equally as cute as Liam! It’s just how it is with two cute parents!

  5. Congrats on baby #2. We’re expecting our 1st on June 6 th 🙂 love everything from baby jives especially her cloud mobiles with hearts.

  6. Just got off the phone with your mom. She didn’t say anything so this is a fun announcement for me! But I think I had it figured out before the drum role 😉 I could go on and on with stories about pregnancy, but I wont. Each and every experience is unique to each and every mom, (and dad) but I will add, make the experience part of Sir Williams day every day. Let him get to know the new sybling before he/she arrives. Makes that special day all the more special. Love to all and congrats 🙂

  7. What a fun give away. I love everything in the shop but my favorite has to be the print – Create What you want to see in the world. Love it! Congrats on baby number two! I remember thinking how will I ever love another human as much as I loved my first. It is amazing how much room your heart makes for them!

  8. First of all, congrats! What a blessing it is to bring life into this world! I’ve been there 4 times and every one has been a different experience! Thank you for offering such a wonderful giveaway along with this special announcement! Following you both on IG as (@ttapiatt) I’ve been in love with Baby Jives mobiles forever in a day! I’d love the “Rain Cloud Mobile in Pink Ombre” for my daughters nursery! Thank you again, many blessings to you Momma!

  9. My favorite are the storm clouds, I particularly love her recent pink one! And the bird mobiles are amazing even if you don’t have babies, but I’m a sucker for the rain clouds.

  10. I don’t have facebook, but I’m hoping this entry counts anyway, as I follow both A Ruffled Life and Baby Jives on Instagram! (username:meg_tini). I love the Cascarding Stars Cloud Mobile and the Boat Mobile (my son’s nursery has a nautical vibe), but really there’s nothing on her site that I don’t adore! Congrats on the bun in the oven!

  11. I am in love with all of the mobiles she does, but I would have to say my absolute fave is her heart cloud mobile in gold! 🙂

  12. Congrats on baby number two!! I’m due with babe #2 as well! 😉 definitely not as easy as the first time around!!!

    I’m dying over the cascading rainbow heart gold & neon. Like.. . I NEED IT!!! I’m so happy I found your blog! xo

  13. Congratulations! I am expecting baby# 2 as well! Thanks for this opportunity and for your generosity! I absolutely LOVE the cloud mobiles from Baby Jives! You may just have baby on your bday! I hear the second one usually arrives a little earlier than the expected due date!

  14. I don’t have facebook, but I’m hoping this entry counts anyway, as I follow both A Ruffled Life and Baby Jives on Instagram! (username:meg_tini). I love the Cascarding Stars Cloud Mobile and the Boat Mobile (my son’s nursery has a nautical vibe), but really there’s nothing on her site that I don’t adore! Congrats on the bun in the oven!

  15. I love the lightning bolt mobile 😉 And Congrats on baby #2…we just had #2 and it’s been amazing! PS – Love the tent in Liam’s room!

  16. Congratulations! What great news! I am still a fan of the cascading stars mobile from Baby Jives. It’s so classic and a perfect staple for any nursery!

  17. Congratulations!! I adore the starry cloud mobiles, so much so I decorated my son’s nursery around one. I’d love to add a wall mobile and art print to his room.

  18. I have been following Baby Jives for a while now as I am a fellow Philly mama, but since I am due with my second in June I have been swooning over the star cloud mobile and paper airplane mobile. So sweet.

  19. Hi! I love the lightning storm cloud mobile! The lightning bolt is a great touch, but there are so many adorable items!! I think the mobile would be great in my sons room!

  20. I couldn’t find where to leave a comment for baby jives but I absolutely love the grey clouds!!!! Congrats on baby!! Such an exciting time!

  21. Hi! Congrats!! This is such an amazing time in your little families life!! 😀

    I have been a huge fan of babyjives for many moons, but have yet to bless my Daughter’s nursery with a mobile. As for favorite, I think the ombre clouds take the cake!

    Thanks for the chance!

    Liked both on facebook, follow both on instagram, btw 😉
    (Elyssa Haeussler, & @3lyssa)

  22. I love the cascading rainbow, but the gold cloud mobile is gorgeous! (Fan of baby jives on FB and Instagram).
    My husband and I are trying really hard for another baby and I know this would look gorgeous either in our future babes nursery or our twins nursery. Congrats on your baby #2!!! (This is the third time I’ve tried to comment but it keeps saying it failed, so I hope this works!)

  23. I hope my Daughter is blessed with a Halloween baby!!!

    We like the mobiles. My Granddaughter would love this for her crib. She would have the coolest crib on the block.

  24. What an amazing giveaway! I’m due with our first baby next week. I adore Baby Jives products – I’d love to win! I think my favourite product is the cascading mint and silver heart mobile. So sweet!

  25. Hello Dear,

    This is a beautiful giveaway. My Granddaughter is helping me with this whole computer thing, and you are my first giveaway! She is so excited for the chance at this. I do hope you pick our family.

    My Great Granddaughter would be best suited for a mobile that is a white cloud, grey stars, and maybe her initial “E” or a little e, since she is little. Her theme is Elephants, but her Mommy is in love with the night sky, so I think this would be a nice thing for her Mommy too. (Her Mommy chuckled).

    Thank you,

    Doris K. Dionisio

  26. Congratulations!!!! I can’t wait till I’m in the same boat with our second little nugget! I love love LOvE the clouds with stars mobile! SO adorable! 🙂

  27. How do you pick just one?! I have always loved the cloud mobiles but today the butterfly mobile in white, cream, and grey is catching my eye.

  28. Congrats!!! Pick a favorite- that is soo hard considering she’s expanding! But I love the clouds with the moon and stars- particularly the dusty pink cloud with gold stars (I don’t believe it has a moon) but gosh it’s gorgeous! Talented Mama right there- everything it soo dreamy….swoon and sighhh

  29. Not sure if my first comment posted, so I’m leaving another just in case – I love the Baby Jives Rainbow Heart Mobile. All their stuff is so adorable!

  30. Congrats on baby number 2! I especially love the cloud mobile since my babies are in love with them! Especially baby number 2 🙂

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