Baby Jives Giveaway and Massive Huge Amazing Announcement

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Baby Jives Mobile and Print Giveaway


Winners below

Okay I will start with the announcement first and then get to the giveaway goodness second because this announcement is just too good to put off….I am (drum-roll) super-de-duper pregnant! It’s true…there is (at least) one little baby nugget growing in my belly! This baby is due to make their entrance (literally) into the world on October 31st! Very spooky of us, I know. I am “pushing” for a delivery on October 29th (my birthday) but we will take whatever we get.

We are really just thrilled about baby number 2. I have been feeling so sick the last 2 months (hence my not-so-random blogging absence) with that glorious pregnancy nausea and exhaustion. I forgot about the exhaustion. I also forgot about the temporary memory loss. What is is about pregnancy that makes you forget all the important things like your phone number, gorocery list, and underwear? Last week I had to find a piece of mail to remember my address. Although I am good friends with our next-door-neighbor, who I have known for two years, I could not remember her name for a whole 30 minutes. Pregnancy is like having the energy level and memory of a 97-year-old, but I don’t get senior citizen discounts. And I feel like I need to puke. Party on pregnancy!

The good news is…it’s all kind of settling down. Aside from my memory problems, I am starting to come out of the tired nauseous fog that defined my first trimester. In other good news, I already look chubby! Not, pregnant…just pudgy. I have a Mexico vacation the end of May and my only goal is to look way more pregnant by then.

Anyways…we feel blessed and are just curious if it is even possible to make a baby cuter than Liam :) And now…for the GIVEAWAY>>>

Baby Jives Mobile and Print Giveaway

I am over-the-moon excited to be giving away a Baby Jives wall hung mobile and two prints!!! This giveaway has been a long time coming because I have been geeking out over Jahje’s talent for months and months. She is legit and I really just want one of her rain cloud mobiles to follow me everywhere I go…it’s quite possibly the happiest rain storm ever. Also, can I just say how lovely her art prints are? They are such great quality and have a lovely water-color look to them. I know you are dying to get your hands on one so here is how you enter to win:

1. Follow A Ruffled Life on Facebook

2. Follow Baby Jives on Instagram

3. Visit Baby Jives and leave a comment with your favorite Baby Jives product!


*****First place winner is Sandra H. ! You win a custom initialed wall hung gold star mobile and an art print.*****

*****Second place winner is Casey Gallagher Newman selected from my Facebook giveaway and will receive an art print.*****


Once winners are selected they have 24 hours to respond before a new winner is selected.

(Giveaway is open to everyone. Must be 18 years or older to enter.)

Baby Jives Mobile and Print Giveaway

Baby Jives Mobile and Print Giveaway

Baby Jives Mobile Giveaway

xo Alix

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