Pegboard Letter DIY

Pegboard Letter DIY | A RUFFLED LIFE for Rue Rococo

I am just so friggen sick of my office not looking like it came out of a catalog. Can’t you see how tortured and picked on I am! I mean, don’t I deserve thousands of dollars in office furniture and fancy woodwork and top-of-the-line organizers? Woe is me. People.

All humor aside, the drab beige-y walls in my craft room (which I know, by the way, that I am EXTREMELY blessed to have a craft room of my own) were kind of caving in on me. They needed some serious pick-me-up. I have been experimenting with different shades of peachy pink for the walls and have yet to find the perfect color, but I did manage to craft up the perfect office wall organizer! Check out my Pegboard Letter supply organizer! Kind of a good idea right? Sometimes in an office space you kind of don’t know where to start and stop with the peg board. How much is too little? Too much peg board and you feel like you are in a department store. This pegboard balancing act (and this whole post, really) is a real first-world problem. But no matter…you need a clever way to store supplies and I have the answer! Make that pegboard letter and I will show you how:

Check out the full Pegboard Letter DIY on Rue Rococo HERE!

Pegboard Letter DIY | A RUFFLED LIFE for Rue Rococo

Pegboard Letter DIY | A RUFFLED LIFE for Rue Rococo

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xo Alix

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9 comments on “Pegboard Letter DIY

  1. Clevah! I think this would make a good gift too. Especially for kids who do crafty stuff! And of course, using the first letter of their name 😉

  2. Great idea. I would recommend that some spacers of some kind be glued to the back in a few places so the pegboard sits out from the wall a little to allow room for the hooks. Having to take a large one down in the garage because we didn’t do that……