Our Oregon Trip!


In July we went to Oregon. We did a lot of other things too, but we also drove our tushies through Oregon and in return Oregon promised Clint and I a romantic vacation in the future. Our main mission in Oregon was to attend the wedding of my long-time friend Ryan. The second mission was to see a ton of Oregon in 3 days. We pit-stopped in Bend for a day, which is lovely BTW, stayed a couple days in Silverton, and waved a longing goodbye to Portland on our way home. All of the evergreen forests and water-front views in Portland made me so very homesick for Seattle. I love the sun and snow of Utah, but some days I miss the cold beaches and ferns of the Pacific Northwest. Must be the Twilight Vampire in me. 😉




^^ People in Oregon like dinner on the water. That’s a good thing. In Utah there are limited opportunities to eat dinner over a river or lake, but I’m guessing that has more to do with geography than preference. In both Bend and Silverton we were lucky enough to enjoy yummy food on a waterfront. We were also lucky enough to witness our son throw 2 spoons into the water and spill water all over our table. Two may be everything they warned us it would be.


^^ I like to call this image: “Go stand over that manhole and I’ll take a picture of you in wedding attire”. It’s artsy in an unintentional way, right? And the interesting angle is compliments of my 6’6″ hubs.



^^ Clearly his enthusiasm for bubbles cannot be overstated. Our Sir William is such a passionate person. He prefers to be fiercely excited or an angry demon child. His third speed in unconscious. With Clint and I as parents, it all kind of makes sense. My guess is that a mellow kid is not really in the cards for us.


^^^ And then how lucky am I to be married to this stud and his red beard. I think I am the luckiest.


^^ more artsy…cropping, disheveled blouse, and that look from you-know-who…I kind of love it all.


^^ The wedding was absolutely and completely lovely. They held the ceremony and reception at Oregon Garden Resort for the win. A billion point five acres of gardens + Oregon coastal weather was exactly how every wedding should be. I may have teared up a couple times, maybe.





^^ To appease the mountain man in Clint, we finished our trip off with a 5-ish-mile-hike through Silver Falls State Park. Holy crap it was beautiful and luscious. Waterfall after waterfall. If I had the chance to hike it again, I would bring my real camera (because my phone camera is fake?) and spend some time taking more pics of these babes.


^^ On the road. Oh Liam.

So…If we go back to Oregon, where should we go??? What are some of your favorite spots?

xo Alix

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2 comments on “Our Oregon Trip!

  1. I totally love how you color co-ordinate you, Clint and Sir William. I especially love the red thread in the Sir’s white buttons – so adorably classy.
    Now, about your next trip to Oregon. Take a right at Portland, head over the river to Vancouver and stay North until you see the sign that says, HERE! If you want to detour West to visit the vampires, maybe catch sight of Big Foot, that’s OK, just make sure you make it back across the Sound to over HERE! (if at all possible) Course I’m guessing you may want to wait until Lil Sis gets here, that’s OK. I’ll still be HERE! Love you guys! Such great pictures 🙂

    1. I want to come up bad! I am a bit grounded until the baby comes-travel it just so hard when I’m pregnant and have a rambunctious 2-year-old. Hopefully we will make it up soon!