Succulent Planters and a list of things I wish I had time to do

Plant succulents in a light fixture!

First of all…this little succulent planter craft is one of my favorites because I used glass light fixtures as the planter! Find out all the “dirt”y deets on HGTV Design Happens!

Second of all, I am SOOO busy. Doesn’t it bug you when people talk about how busy they are? (To be honest it doesn’t really bug me when other people talk about how busy they are, but I am assuming that I must sound terribly obnoxious when I complain about how overwhelmed I am). I mean, with the exception of newborns and my retired neighbor who does laps around the block in a motorized shopping cart, are we not all soooo busy?

What I am saying is that making excuses about being busy and not blogging as much as I like to seems kind of lame, right? So instead of talking about how I have been consumed with projects for Bing and HGTV Design Happens and Cricut and Tai Pan Trading and Home Depot I will just make a list of 10 things I wish I had time to do. (Which also sounds kind of lame, but slightly less lame than throwing my arms up in the air and wining: “I am soooo busy”).

Here we go: 10 things I wish I had time to do

1. Respond to all Instagram and Facebook comments. When someone leaves a comment on my Instagram or Facebook I instantly feel like I have a new best friend. Like they are checking in on me and are like: “Totes adorbs! Winking kissing face!”. When less people liked me, ironically, I was able to keep up with all the comments and respond to them all. Now I find myself with the blessing of not being able to send personal “thank you” comments for every comment I receive. Oh please know that I love you social media best friends!

2. Repainting a wall 4 times until it is the perfect shade of white. These are the things I have to live without! Woe is me.

3. Blogging on my own blog once a day. Do you ever wish you were a Stephanie Meyer’s vampire? Besides the benefit of having a stellar personality and the ability to blind passer-by cars when your skin sparkles in the sun you would also have the ability to never sleep. Did you get that? What if I could never need sleep and then I could have an extra 8(ish) hours to keep my busy butt going. Come to think of it though, a vampire probably wouldn’t be as excited about blogging and hot glue guns as I am anyways.

4. Clean those effing baseboards. How white baseboards manage to become covered in dust and scuffs with such haste remains a mystery to the person (me) who cleans them. Like, shouldn’t there be a rule that if you, on hands and knees, scrub baseboards once in the spring, they ought to stay spotless at least until Christmas? Can we not at least have that universe???

5. To read 15 books to Liam every night. We do make an extensive effort to read at least 2 books to Liam every night but usually by the last few pages of Llama Llama I’m just making up words with my eyes closed. I’m hoping he is slow to read so he doesn’t catch on. (Just kidding, I hope he is the smartest child on planet earth).

6. Start a line of day planners. This is a real dream of mine. Something I really want to do in the future. I mean it. I have yet to find the perfect day planner and I am the kind of person who shops for next year’s day planner in August. Every year I start the hunt early, hoping to find the perfect planner that balances design, functionality, and is the perfect size. One year I’ll throw my hands up, say “To hell with it!” and create my own perfect planner.

7. Organize the basement. So. Much. Crap. Furniture and stuff everywhere. I’m sure some sturdy shelves would help the situation. Someday!

8. Go on a date with Clint once a week, or even once a month. So I once heard that getting a babysitter in New York City is a minimum of $100.00 for the night. I’m not sure on how accurate this is, but things run a little more affordable by way of childcare in Utah, so I really can’t complain. But coordinating a babysitter for a date night can kind of be a hassle. You have to really make a commitment to date night to make it happen.

9. Do my hair regularly. Lets just say that the top knot has been a best friend this year. I’m so grateful for fashion statements that say “minimalist” and not “Flock of Seagulls” bangs.

10. Plant a garden, and a peach tree. A girl can dream of peach jam and canned tomato sauce.

The moral of the story is that I have an incredibly good life. I mean, if my only wish is to paint walls and read about emotionally needy farm animals then I really don’t have the right to complain! Now I am off to play golf with Liam in the backyard (basically I just re-tee his ball and send lots of encouraging comments his way).

Plant succulents in a light fixture!

xoxo Alix

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One comment on “Succulent Planters and a list of things I wish I had time to do

  1. On cleaning effing anything! Why do I have to do the dishes? I did them yesterday! And why oh why does my front door need painting? I just painted it – three years ago! And please someone, explain to me why I have to make the bed every day. I mean I just have to unmake it every day! And while I’m on the subject of why, why do cobwebs happen? And who put all that dirt on my windows? Seriously in what universe was the decision made – let there be dirt?
    On organizing. That’s one of my obsessions. I fill boxes, get rid of boxes, move boxes, label boxes, lose boxes and start all over again because no matter how much I organize – the stuff grows. That’s right. It multiplies and grows, kinda like bacteria. And in the end, I never can find anything and always need the one thing I remember throwing away 😉
    So, yes, get that day planner going. And while you’re at it create a list, list. You know, the thing we daily make lists on so we can keep track of what we daily put lists on. I usually use the back of an envelope, but I need help figuring out how to create a list manager to find my latest list. And I figure if anyone can create that, it would be you 😀