Stress Free Meal Planning

Some quick and easy tips for stress-free meal planning!

A couple weeks ago I chatted about 5 tips to a more organized family (I emphasize the “more” because I feel like we are not necessarily an organized family…but we are putting in an honest effort towards become more organized). One of those tips was meal planning and I have to say that as a non-cooker-I-do-not-enjoy-cooking-I-am-not-very-good-at-cooking-er, stress free meal planning has been my bread and butter (there’s a pun for ya! No?).

Meal planning has eliminated a lot of stress and anxiety out of my life so I shared a few stress free meal planning tips over on The Neighborhood to help you on your way to a more pleasant meal experience. And by pleasant I mean, less standing in the kitchen whining about there being nothing good to eat, crying when when we don’t eat out, and complaining about chores. (I am, of course, referring to me).

With the stress of meal planning behind me, meal prep time has surprisingly become one of my favorite times of the day. I had a friend in college who would cook meals frequently with her boyfriend. They enjoyed experimenting with ingredients and foreign recipes and watching them was kind of like watching a Nicholas Sparks movie. They were adorable and I thought to myself, That could be Clint and me! Well as it turns out, Clint and I were not very compatible in the kitchen (good thing we were comparable in other areas…I know what you are thinking–pervert). It’s true though, it took us an earnest 6 years of preparing countless dinners together before we found a rhythm in the kitchen where I didn’t micro-manage his dishwasher loading and chicken preparation. Honestly, Clint is probably a better chef than I, but he still lets me cut up all the veggies and force Brussels sprouts into our menu. (Brussels sprouts, by the way, are my favorite veggie. I know, I’m a freak). Clint and I now enjoy cooking together for the most part and I think it is hopeful to all you folks who hate to cook with your spouse…you can grow to love it!

Some quick and easy tips for stress-free meal planning!

xo Alix

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