Wire star art!

Easy DIY wire star art

It’s a holiday (Happy Memorial Day! by the way) so I will just pop in real quick, say hello, give you a DIY idea, and be on my merry little way! We are now officially entering the sandal-wearing, sun-soaking, Popsicle stain summer days of the year. I’m so happy it finally came!

As a mom of two young children, the seasons are not yet marked by school and activities, but by whether or not it is warm enough to get out of the house. And I could use some time outside. Liam has taken to emptying every toy container in his room daily, which gives his room a nice ransacked look. Like the set of an apocalypse movie…charming. Charlotte also enjoys the outdoors for the motor workout: grass to touch, leaves to eat, birds to glare at (it is bright and sunny after all).

But I know for many of you dear friends, the sun is refusing to make an appearance (what a diva) so may I offer you a craft of sympathy? This wire star art DIY is the perfect craft for the season too! I hang up my wire star art every summer to signify the time for summer fun has begun! You can hope on over to For The Love Of to get a full tutorial on how to make some wire star art of your own…and it will look fabulous, I just know it.

Easy DIY wire star art

PS: Don’t forget to tag any DIYs you find and make on A Ruffled Life: #ARuffledLifeMakes (because I just have to see them!)

PPS (for summer fun!): A sprinkler “kid wash” that is a total hit. Fruit drinks stirrers that refuse to be only a beverage or only a drink. And one of my top 5 favorite posts of all time…sprinkle-dipped ice cream cones!

xo Alix

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