Disneyland is even better than the pictures


I am a huge fan of cinema in general. Music buffs may collect songs, records, and show of their music trivia knowledge. Meanwhile I’m buying the soundtrack to Rio 2 and quoting Guardians of the Galaxy. I love movies and all the magic that surrounds them. Disney/Pixar movies…action movies…nerd movies…chick-flicks. All of the movies. (But not scary movies because…why???). I mean I am freaking out about the new Star Wars! Ah!

So with a love of the cinematic magic, there was a good chance that I was going to love all that Disneyland and California Adventures had to offer. But guys, Disneyland is even better than the pictures. It was pure magic. I know this may sound weird, but one of my favorite parts was the coordination of music, sound, smell, and visual. The timing was spot-on on every ride. It was one production after another and I was in heaven. Plus I’m a sucker for scary rides so we sprinted from ride to ride like maniacs (“walk please”).

Seriously, I can’t freaking wait to go back to Disneyland (I campaign for a Disney trip every day and we only got home a week ago. Clint thinks I’m over dramatic about it). And despite the fact that my family is frowning in most pictures (I must be the only one who gives a flip about pictures), they all had a really good time too. Like I said, Disneyland is even better than the pictures!



Woke up at 6:30 AM…Liam is NOT a morning person :). He does get that from me, but we were at Dis-Ney-Land for crap sake.


Sulley! Let me take a selfie! (Also, this picture was taken by Disney’s “professional” photographer so ???).



I’m not sure what’s going on here. He’s cute.






PS…Disney, 60 looks gooood on you 😉

PPS…Other places I love:

My favorite restaurant in Manhattan,

When I was prego in Oregon,

I’m also petitioning we go back to Cancun, like, yesterday.

xo Alix

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3 comments on “Disneyland is even better than the pictures

  1. I love Disneyland too, and movies! we went on our first trip to Disneyland a few years ago and I have been planning our second trip since but as we are in Australia that makes it a WAY more expensive excursion….but completely worth it! So happy to find another MUm who loves Disneyland!