A day at the beach

Easy to use camera backpack by JoTotes

JoTotes Bellbrook camera backpack

Summer is coming to a close (can you even handle it? because I can’t.) and can I just ask why there is a conspiracy to start school earlier and earlier each year? By the time my kids are in full-time school I swear the 4th of July weekend will be the last weekend of “summer”. I’m starting a protest. You are free to join.

My favorite moment of this summer, while there were tons of good ones, had to be our trip to California. I shared my Disneyland favorites already, but today I want to talk about our day at the beach.

Even though Disneyland was my favorite part of the trip (and life really), the beach was definitely my kid’s favorite part. We built sand castles, dug really big holes, ran away from encroaching waves, and ate lots of sand. Not sure why they kept eating sand but kids are weirdos. 😉 I love that the beach feels so therapeutic. There is a reason beach-front property is like a billion dollars per square foot. I was a good day at the beach.

Before our California adventure I was determined to find a camera bag that I could throw on my back (because I knew my hands and front would be occupied by little babes) and I wanted to be able to get to my camera easily. The thing with most camera backpacks: you can’t get to your camera super easy! What. the. what. Then I found the JoTotes Bellbrook camera backpack and it was a revelation. It has these cute side pockets that are perfect for easy-access camera storage. Brilliant. It stores enough equipment for full-blow photo shoots, but we stuffed it full of all our kid supplies for the beach and Disney.

I also use the JoTotes Georgia Nautical camera bag, as you can see in my New York trip, and it is perfect for baby-free travels.

Easy to use camera backpack by JoTotes


Easy to use camera backpack by JoTotes



Easy to use camera backpack by JoTotes



Also…favorite sun block ever. And they aren’t even paying me to say that 😉


xo Alix

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One comment on “A day at the beach

  1. You never mention wipes. How come you never mention wipes? Are those two adorable babes self cleaning? What is your secret? Every pix you post – they are spotless, looking freshly scrubbed. How do you do that? Is there a secret filter system in your camera that makes every pix look like they just left the bubble bath? Or is there some magic involved? Or are you just a total wonder mom who’s kids never, ever need a wipe? I guess it doesn’t matter – your secret is safe. But still, I am in awe at the spotless wondrousness of it all. Also – those two have got to be the cutest, most adorable babes ever! Love you guys 🙂