Black Friday Sale: Alix’s Photography 101 e-course!


Photography 101 e-course 50% off coupon!

Photography 101 course Sale!

SALE time! Woop woop! I know that you are probably carbo-loading on turkey and cranberry roll sandwiches in preparation for Black Friday festivities and putting your game-face on, but I interrupt your binge and thanks-giving for a HUGE sale on my photography 101 e-course! That’s right, I said HUGE.

I’m offing 50% off Alix’s photography 101 e-course for a Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday sale!

The discount will run from now (Thursday) until Monday at midnight MST. To redeem the 50% off, simply enter the promo code: nifty50 at checkout!

This e-course really is the perfect digital gift for all those friends and/or family who are wanting to take better pictures, but just don’t have the tools to do so. With my e-course they will learn all kinds of stuff. Great stuff. Like this stuff:

Photography 101 course Sale!

What kind of camera body and lenses to buy.

Photography 101 course Sale!

How and where to style pictures that make your heart sing!

Photography 101 course Sale!

All my editing secrets and what software to use!


How to make your Instagram and social media more jaw-dropping.

Great plants for your home

And a ton more other stuff! 😉

This course consists of 5 information-packed lessons taught in 4 different formats (text, images, video, and calls to action) so that you can learn all lot about photography, but at your pace and learning style!

Oh and in case you missed it, here is the link to my Photography 101 e-course!

Happy shopping!

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