Photography 101

Most of us take pictures every day and many of us want to take better pictures. This course will teach you how to become an every-day photographer!

I’m Alix and I have been photographing my family, work, and every-day life for over 5 years. I love snapping pictures now and feel comfortable with a camera in hand, but that wasn’t always the case. After taking some ineffective photography courses I decided to create an exceptional course that includes all the information you need to learn as a beginner photographer!


Photography 101 is divided into 5 lessons designed to teach you foundational photography skills.

  • Lesson 1 helps you find the perfect camera for you. It will also walk you through lens upgrades and any additional camera equipment you may want to buy! Bonus: I will give you a sneak peek of what is in my camera bag!
  • Lesson 2 goes in depth about the functions of your camera and I’ll teach you how to photograph in manual mode.
  • Lesson 3 discusses different types of lighting and what lighting works best for different pictures.
  • Lesson 4 is where I give tips on styling photos. I also share some secrets about styling people and how to work with rambunctious kiddos!
  • Lesson 5 is all about editing your photos to get the look you want. I walk you through all the different adjustments I make in my images.

This course is packed full of information and I present each lesson to you in FOUR complementary formats: video, text, images, and calls to action! So regardless of your learning style, there is something for you here!

Everything I wish knew when I started taking pictures is packed into this e-course and I am so excited to share it with you! Let’s do this! #PhotoWithAlix

Photography 101 e-course: a comprehensive photography course! The perfect guide for beginner photographers. This class includes 100s of tips in everything from what camera and lenses to buy, how to use your camera, lighting, styling, to editing your photos!